Equipment Rental

In addition to new and used equipment sales we maintain a fleet of reliable rental equipment to meet your needs on the jobsite.  We can deliver that second blasting pot to increase throughput  or a entire blasting system customized to meet your individual needs.

We provide equipment delivery services and maintenance services when the equipment is operational.

We offer the following products as part of our rental operations :

Air Compressors - Generators - Light Towers - Variable Reach Fork Lifts
Straight Mast Forklifts - Man Lifts - Scissors Lifts - Industrial Vacuums
Pneumatic Vacuums - Ventilation Fans - Air Hoses and Fittings
Blast Hoses and Fittings - BRS Systems - Dust Collectors
Dehumidifiers - Desiccant Dryers - Deliquescent Dryers
Blastinig Pots - Air Purifiers - Hoods - Filters
Baking Soda Blasting Equipment
Pressure Washers
Bulk Hoppers

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Pinnacle Central Recently Supported the Hart Bridge Surface Coating Project in Jacksonville, Florida